Potty Training Toy Receives High, Positive Ratings from Developmental Toy Experts at National Lekotek Center

June 26, 2017 - The new water-potty toy for potty training, Potty Duck, has received a string of positive, four-star ratings from the developmental toy experts at AblePlay.org, a program of the National Lekotek Center. "The Potty Duck is a creative and fun way to help children learn and build confidence while potty training through pretend play, modeling, and imagination," wrote the evaluators. "When children squeeze the soft rubber duck to make it pee and flush the toy toilet, children are learning and practicing [the] sequence of potty training. Potty Duck consists of one rubber duck with water-squirting capabilities and a plastic flushing toy toilet equipped with two strong suction cups that make it easy to attach to a variety of surfaces."

Learn more about the evaluation at www.ableplay.org/product/potty-duck.