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What parents and experts are saying about Potty Duck…

"Potty Duck really helped my son with potty training. He had been hesitant and scared to sit on a potty before. Potty Duck helped him learn and better understand what to do in a fun way. I would definitely recommend Potty Duck for any child learning to potty train!!!" 
–Jessica W.
San Antonio, Texas

"On our very first evening after playing with the duck and potty in the tub for awhile, my 2 year old stood up and told me she had to go potty. I took her out of the tub and put her on the potty and she peed for the very first time!"
–Monica B.
Lindenhurst, Illinois

"Our son is now fully potty trained, and we are very thankful for the help of the toy! He really did enjoy playing with Potty Duck and it gave him some motivation to use the potty consistently. Sometimes he pretended Duckie was peeing and sometimes he would pretend Duckie was pooping, or he would take him to other places around the house just to play.” 
– Jeff E.
Lititz, Pennsylvania

“After playing with it several times in the bath tub, my daughter was able to make it work. Now every morning when she gets up and uses the potty. Where can I write a review?”

–Keosha S.
Waukegan, Illinois
Mom of 18 month old

"After training my older daughter without the help of a potty training toy, I would highly recommend Potty Duck. Potty Duck helped my son by making the toilet more familiar - it wasn't strange or scary. I used a seat on the real toilet (didn't want to do the potty seat thing again) which is less inviting but with Potty Duck's help he was much more willing to sit on it. It took my daughter a lot longer to catch on to the idea of peeing when I sat her on the potty. My son got it right away, thanks to Potty Duck. We love the toy being interactive and fun in the bath. Even my older daughter enjoys playing with it."
– Micah R.
Libertyville, Illinois

"[My daughter] likes it a lot. I'd advise starting it a few months before potty training begins to teach the concept of the duckie going pee-pee in the potty."
– Amy P.
Miami, Florida

“Using this toy makes toilet training fun. My daughter's favorite part of going potty is flushing the toilet. This toy lets her have that pleasure over and over again.”
– Margaret C.
Libertyville, Illinois

“Thank you for providing a fun toy for potty training. Potty Duck makes my life easier because it helps children get comfortable with using the bathroom.”
– Mary Ann M.
Preschool teacher
South Bend, Indiana

Comments from experts

“When children are having fun and playing, learning is always easier. They get the concepts. The Potty Duck is a great toy that promotes learning through play and fun. ”
Lee Scott, early education expert and Chairperson, Goddard School Education Advisory Board

“Potty Duck raises children’s awareness of how their body works. It also helps motivate children to control their body’s need to go to the bathroom by putting them in control of the duck and its toilet.”
John Petersen, PsyD
Child and family psychologist

"Keep special toilet books and toys (such as my new favorite, Potty Duck) near the potty."
– PocketOT, Cara Koscinski
Pediatric occupational therapist

“Children can learn through kinesthetic, auditory, and visual learning styles, which are respectively synonymous with physical touch, hearing, and seeing. Potty Duck is a great toy that fortunately incorporates all three of these simultaneously.”
– Amy Baez, OT at
Pediatric occupational therapist

"The concept of a supportive and fun toy for potty training is both novel and ingenious."
Michael Cocchiola, Board Certified Behavior Analyst/ Education Consultant

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