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  Finally, "the potty training help" parents are looking for!  



 1. Eases the burden for parents. Potty Duck is a fun water toy that teaches kids what a toilet is for, so they know what to do next. Learning through play is the best way (New York Times, August 2016). Kids love playing and learning with Potty Duck!

 2. Speeds the process along. Actively preparing your child with Potty Duck can speed up the process. Potty Duck lets kids discover, practice, imitate, and to learn important training words like pee and potty. All of these are important in potty training.



Learning through play is the best way

Make Potty Duck your child's new buddy.

Let your child take charge of training the duck.

Have Potty Duck sit on its potty whenever your child sits on the potty.

Create a reward chart for Potty Duck.

Let your child hold Potty Duck and carry it around, then go back to the bathroom to make it pee.


What people are saying...

"After playing with it several times in the bath tub, my daughter was able to make it work. Now every morning when she gets up she uses the potty. I think the toy really helped to make the connection! Where can I write a review?" 
–A. Shackleford, Waukegan, IL, Mom of 18 month old                          

     REPLY: Love it that you've recognized signs of readiness and started with your 18 month old. Dr. Shelly, Potty Discovery, LLC

"Before Potty Duck, our 2 year old wasn't interested in  potty training. Potty Duck captured his imagination and made it fun!"
- J. Ward, San Antonio, TX

     REPLY: Yes, we've found children love the toy! Dr. Shelly, Potty Discovery, LLC            

"On our very first evening after playing with the duck and potty in the tub for awhile, my 2 year old stood up and told me she had to go potty. I took her out of the tub and put her on the potty and she peed for the very first time!" 
–M.Baumgardner, Lindenhurst, IL

      REPLY:  Amazing! Hopefully the rest of the training process continues that smoothly. Dr. Shelly, Potty Discovery, LLC



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Parents often hear - "you should wait until your child is 'ready' to potty train." The concept of child readiness came about in 1964, when a renowned pediatrician, Dr. Barry Brazelton, declared potty training should be child focused… 

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