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Potty Duck speeds up potty training, so kids get out of diapers sooner

Potty Duck is a hands-on water toy for potty training. Kids love making the duck pee and pressing the blue button to flush, then sit on their own potty and soon learn to go. This product meets all safety standards.


Benefits of Potty Duck

  • - Reduces the anxiety and stress around potty training.

  • - Gives toddlers an example to imitate (an important way they learn).

  • - Children learn while playing in a sink, bath, or small plastic tub.

  • - Children participate in their own training.

  • - It’s never too early to begin learning with Potty Duck.


What people are saying...

"After playing with it several times in the bathtub, my daughter was able to make it work. Now every morning when she gets up she uses the potty!" 
–A. Shackleford, Waukegan, IL, Mom of 18 month old                          

"Before Potty Duck, our 2 year old wasn't interested in  potty training. Potty Duck captured his imagination and made it fun!"
- J. Ward, San Antonio, TX

"On our very first evening after playing with the duck and potty in the tub for awhile, my 2 year old stood up and told me she had to go potty. I took her out of the tub and put her on the potty and she peed for the very first time!" 
–M.Baumgardner, Lindenhurst, IL

"Our son is now fully potty trained and we are very thankful for the help of the toy."
- J. Eshleman, Lititz, PA


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