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New for 2016! Potty Duck is a hands-on water toy that prepares children for potty training

Children squeeze the duck to make it pee in the toy toilet. By playing with the toy in a sink, bath, or small tub, children learn what a toilet is for, so they know what to do next.  Kids love it!



Potty Duck makes it easy for parents to begin the "using the potty" conversation and keeps it going whenever children play with it. 

Designed for ages 1-3, Potty Duck can be used to prepare any child who shows signs of readiness, and children can play and learn even before they are "ready."


What people are saying...

"On our very first evening after playing with the duck and potty in the tub for awhile, my 2 year old stood up and told me she had to go potty. I took her out of the tub and put her on the potty and she peed for the very first time!" M.Baumgardner, Lindenhurst, Illinois

      REPLY:  Amazing! Hopefully the rest of the training process continues that smoothly. Dr. Shelly, Potty Discovery, LLC

"Before Potty Duck, our 2 year old wasn't interested in  potty training. Potty Duck captured his imagination and made it fun!"
- J. Ward, San Antonio, Texas

     REPLY: Yes, we've found children love the toy! Dr. Shelly, Potty Discovery, LLC            

"After playing with it several times in the bath tub, my daughter was able to make it work. Now every morning when she gets up she uses the potty. I think the toy really helped to make the connection! Where can I write a review?" –A. Shackleford, Waukegan, IL, Mom of 18 month old                                           

     REPLY: Love it that you've recognized signs of readiness and started with your 18 month old. Dr. Shelly, Potty Discovery, LLC


Tips: Preparing your child

1. Provide a relaxed and encouraging environment for your child to learn.

2. Use words to name what Potty Duck is doing—pee, toilet, sit.  

3. Let your child play with Potty Duck every bathtime.  

4. Let your child play with Potty Duck in a sink or a plastic tub between baths.

5. If a child hesitates at the beginning, parents can use the toy to demonstrate the use of a toilet.

Moving into training

1. When your child seems ready, make sitting on the potty seat a daily habit after waking, at bath time, after naptime, or at bedtime.  

2. When your child sits on the potty, have Potty Duck sit nearby on its potty or let your child hold the duck.   

3. If your child opposes sitting on the potty, have him/her sit with clothes on first to become comfortable.

4. Be consistent with placing your child on the potty seat at the same time each day. Children like routines but not sudden changes.

5. For truly reluctant children, the privilege of playing with Potty Duck might be used as a reward for sitting on the potty seat.

6. Celebrate success!

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